2 August 2021:

Campaign overview:

A grassroots development soccer festival aimed at “bringing kids back to play” after the school’s sports winter competitions break due to COVID-19.

Life soccer clinics is a soccer development company that specializes in the formation of specialized grassroots programs.

Just as Covid-19 hit hard on the elderly it has been no exception for young children (ECD) amongst many other, limited access to activities that were once normal to participate in such as winter sports competitions.

“Now, more than ever, children need an outlet, an opportunity to play and have some organized FUN”

Sport is a conduit for friendship and physical growth and the benefits of exercise, team bonding, skill development, character development and learning good sportsmanship are critical to the overall health and wellness of our children.

Our role in this campaign was simply to acquire a rewards sponsor.

We managed to bring in MCDONALDS SA as the official rewards partner looking at rewarding things such as Man of the match, Top goal scorer, Moment of brilliance and the coach of the day.

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